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For years stair solutions have been limited to carpet or hardwood. Carpet is easily destroyed and cheap looking. Hardwood is expesive and requires expensive maintenance over time.

While cost effective for other areas of the house, the LVP revolution has offered no help when it comes to steps. The issue has always been cheap stair nose products that were dangerous, flimsy
and didn’t match the LVP.

Snaptech has solved this problem by making a stair nose product called SnapCaps that are made from actual LVP planks. Using a proprietary technology, the plank is specially formed to fit the existing stair tread and can be clicked into an LVP plank to form a super durable and very attractive stair covering.

Best of all, SnapCaps are sold at a price that makes them affordable. More than carpet, but less than hardwood, SnapCaps are the perfect maintenance free, long-term solution for most any stair project.

When To Use Snapcaps?

There Are 2 Common Best Use Cases For SnapCaps



In this scenario, a customer is installing LVP in several areas of the home including the area at the top or bottom of the steps. For this type of project, you’ll use the exact same LVP to make the SnapCaps, guaranteeing a perfect match every time.


In this case, the homeowner is installing LVP on just the steps. You’ll need to help the customer select a match to either the floors at the top of the steps or the floors at the bottom, unless they happen to be the same. Using SnapCaps is a huge advantage because you’re not limited by a certain product line; you can select from nearly any LVP material to find the ideal match.


Snaptech works with distributors all over the USA. We offer preferred pricing for distributors who place large orders. Email us at for more information.


Snaptech works with small, medium, and large flooring dealers around the United States. We make it super easy for ANY dealer to order. SnapCaps give flooring dealers an incredible product to offer customers as a value add to any project. Average ticket size is nearly 42% higher when stairs are sold as an upsell to other areas of the house and also sold as a stand alone solution. Profit margins are consistent with industry averages, making SnapCaps incredibly lucrative as part of your offering.


Snaptech does not sell directly to homeowners, however, we’ve created a network of reliable service providers that can help you with your stair project and we’re happy to connect you with a preferred dealer in your area. Simply click here and we’ll provide a recommendation now.

How Are Snapcaps Installed?

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